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Welcome to the Los Santos Cops and Robbers

Here you can buy Memberships with exclusive benefits, such as queue priority, a special discord role and channel, and vehicles (Silver & Gold). We also sell Queue Priority Tokens (WIP) and Name Change Tokens (WIP) separately.

Every purchase supports us immensely and allows us to create more awesome content, host exciting events, and pay for server hosting. We appreciate every single donator.💙

Package upgrading/downgrading
Please be aware that upgrading your package does not add to your current subscription time. If you upgrade from, for example, Silver to Bronze, your package will be changed to Bronze immediately, with the time being updated with the time now + 30 days. This limitation is due to our provider, Tebex, and cannot be altered at this time. Please consider this when upgrading your package.
Clothing, Billboards, Car liveries, Other ingame customizations
Please join our discord server, and create a payment support ticket in our create a ticket section, we will help you further with your order as we can not list prices for these customizations before making the customization.

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